Who We Are

From their offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia, Creative Genius Communications has provided products, services,
support and information to prospects and clients from around the
globe including: the UK, Egypt, China, India, Australia, the USA and
a few places a little closer to home like Vancouver and Halifax.

The reason for all of the attention is clear, great marketing knows
no boundaries...

Whether you're a CEO at the helm of an old economy titan, the chief decision maker at a pre IPO, high-tech start up or a entrepreneur conducting business from home, the team at Creative Genius Communications can develop and implement a winning marketing
strategy specifically suited to your real needs.

If you're seeking a firm capable of delivering cutting edge print and
web ready marketing collateral, or are interested in having a fully
integrated marketing campaign developed - why not contact us to
arrange for a no obligation, private consultation.

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